Company Profile

Family Mutual Insurance Company (formerly Northeast Mutual Insurance Company) is a county mutual insurance company located in North Dakota. As one of the eleven remaining county mutual insurance companies operating in North Dakota, Family Mutual Insurance is the result of a multi-company merger that began in 1999 between Towner County Mutual of Cando, North Dakota, Cavalier County Mutual of Osnabrock, North Dakota, and Pembina County Mutual of Cavalier, North Dakota.

In 2001, LaMoure-Greenfield of LaMoure, North Dakota merged with Family Mutual Insurance (then known as Northeast Mutual), forming one of the largest remaining county mutual insurance companies in North Dakota. This company, now known as Family Mutual Insurance, maintains two insurance offices. One insurance office is located in Cando, North Dakota and the other insurance office is located in Bismarck, North Dakota.

As of December 31st, 2016, Family Mutual Insurance insured approximately 504 million dollars of property within 30 counties in North Dakota. As of December 2016, Family Mutual Insurance’s surplus to policyholders was nearly 5.4 million dollars based upon 2.8 million dollars of collected premiums end of year 2016. Family Mutual Insurance offers its insurance coverage through a network of 244 professional independent insurance agents and 110 specialty insurance agents throughout North Dakota.

Grinnell Reinsurance Company of Grinnell, Iowa reinsures Family Mutual Insurance for all excess claim loss. Grinnell Reinsurance Company is a 400-million dollar reinsurance company specializing in reinsurance for county mutual insurance companies and reinsures all 11 county mutual insurance companies located in North Dakota. To learn more about Grinnell Reinsurance Company please visit

In 2000, Family Mutual Insurance started an internal risk management service to perform house and property inspections for new and existing customers. This risk management service allowed Family Mutual Insurance to better control internal administrative costs and keep its premiums low while taking a more active role in assessing and protecting its policyholder’s property.

A seven-member Board of Directors led by President Dave Monson oversees the operation of Family Mutual Insurance. Family Mutual Insurance employs local North Dakotans and currently has 5 full- and 3 part-time staff members.

Mission Statement

Family Mutual Insurance understands the fragility of life and how random catastrophic acts of God and Mankind can change a person’s circumstances instantly.  As our name implies, Family Mutual Insurance believes each policyholder should be treated in a caring, fair, and timely manner – like family. Through Family Mutual Insurance’s diverse portfolio of coverage we strive to provide each policyholder with a measure of peace of mind when faced with life’s uncertainties. In the event of a covered loss, Family Mutual Insurance will provide prompt yet thorough claim assessment and settlement.

Family Mutual offers exceptional policy owner service with a proud tradition as a “local, community-based” insurance company.  Family Mutual Insurance’s operational strategies allow us to remain efficient without wasting revenue. In this way, we can remain competitive in each of the local communities we serve while maintaining a long-standing business ethic dedicated to fostering reciprocal relationships with each policyholder. Operating like a family, Family Mutual Insurance is a caring and dependable financial partner available to protect your insured property.