Auto Insurance

Family Mutual Insurance teams up with Grinnell Mutual Insurance to provide discounted auto insurance coverage. To qualify for this discounted auto insurance, each customer bundles their homeowners insurance, farm insurance, or manufactured home insurance with a Grinnell Mutual auto insurance policy.

In addition to the discounted rate for Family Mutual Insurance policyholders described above, Grinnell Mutual Auto Insurance includes “Road To Success” scholarship program. This “Road To Success” scholarship program is available to high school seniors insured on your existing Grinnell Mutual auto insurance policy.

To be eligible for the $1,000 “Road To Success” scholarship, your high school senior must maintain a clean driving record coupled with a minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA) during their senior year in high school. Dozens of $1,000 scholarships are awarded each year and the recipients are selected randomly.

Grinnell Mutual offers a Select Auto Insurance policy for Preferred Drivers in Grinnell Mutual’s Elite Program. This auto insurance is available to drivers who would not otherwise be acceptable for auto insurance coverage through Grinnell’s standard auto insurance program.

Through careful and responsible driving, the Elite Program Member may be eligible for discounts in future premium payment periods. In addition to the Elite Program, Grinnell Mutual offers several popular auto insurance coverages, includes towing and labor costs, rental reimbursement, and electronic equipment.

For further information regarding these auto insurance policies please visit our Agent Locator page and select your county to select a local authorized agent to assist you today.